How to Spend a Day in Austin – Bourbon & Boots

When I finally make it to Austin, Texas I’ll be sure to spend one day doing exactly what this article from Bourbon & Boots says. I love checking out recommendations from other avid travelers and natives.

How to Spend a Day in Austin - Bourbon & Boots

How to Spend a Day in Austin – Bourbon & Boots.

9:30 a.m. – Franklin BBQ
Start the day off right. Skip the breakfast tacos and head straight to Franklin BBQ, right on the edge of downtown. I know, I know, it doesn’t open until 11, but you’re gonna want a good spot in line. And there will be a line. Because this very well may be the best BBQ in the whole freakin’ galaxy. I’m not kidding. When the aliens finally visit, it will most likely be Franklin’s perfectly smoked manna-of-the-gods that brings them here. When you order, stick to what The Man (Aaron Franklin) does best: Fatty Brisket, Ribs, and Sausage. Don’t waste your time with the turkey—it’s tasty but not worth the wait.

How to Spend a Day in Austin - Bourbon & Boots

1 p.m. – Hamilton Pool
It would be easy to feel bad about all that brisket you just ate. Head Guilt off at the pass by making the 45-minute drive out west to Hamilton Pool. Pay the $10 car fee, park, and walk down the STEEP quarter-mile trail to the astonishingly beautiful collapsed limestone grotto. Wade in and let the catfish nibble your toes. Swim under the 50 ft. overhanging lip (be aware, the water is 30 feet deep in some areas!), and relax as the warm waterfalls leach all that delicious cholesterol right out of your body.

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