Picking a Major; 3 Mistakes to avoid

The following is a must-read for international students, but I believe every student could use a reminder of what important is when choosing a major! The thing that stood out to me the most when studying abroad in the USA, was the fact that students don’t choose or have to choose a major prior to registering to a University. In the Netherlands you first decide what you want to study and then find a University that offers this specific education.

Avoid 3 Mistakes International Students Make in Picking a Major

Many international students I know didn’t have a clear career goal when they decided to study in the U.S. Some of them were overwhelmed when faced with what can seem like thousands of academic majors that they knew little about.

Luckily, many U.S. universities don’t require students to declare a major as soon as they are admitted to school. Students generally have two years to explore their interests before needing to declare their specific area of study.

Choosing a major can be as important as choosing a school in the U.S. Making a decision that could change your path in life is not an easy task, so avoid making these common mistakes.

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