How To Travel Through Europe And Not Break The Bank

When people start dreaming of going on a European adventure visions of eating crepes in front of the Eiffel Tower or sipping Espresso in Rome instantly come to mind along with millions of other romantic or historic visions. While traveling abroad can get expensive it is doable to see some of the most historical sights in the world without completely emptying your wallet or savings account. This infographic shows you how to see the wonders of Europe on a budget.

Also check my previous post “Five Ways to Travel Europe on a Student Budget” for more information!



One response to “How To Travel Through Europe And Not Break The Bank

  1. Reblogged this on Wander One Day and commented:
    Great infographic over at Your Future, Your World. I can definitely say we’ve taken advantage of some of these (in particular the tips on Getting Around).

    We’re still trying to track down a place to stay while we’re in Paris though. I’ve contacted several people on Airbnb so far, but most have responded stating that their space isn’t available during that time. I’ll keep looking, but I think it’s time to begin exploring other options. Any suggestions? My next thoughts are to see about using a few hotel points for award nights, or to look into hostels again.

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